I am Peter-Pen

An all round designer with a creative mind and technical eyes

What’s in a name?

Some clients call me All-Round Designer, some have booked me as an Image Edittor. Some studio’s hire me for Visualisations, some brands contact me for Motion Design.
Others will ask me for 3D animation…

In this rapid evolving digital world, media is melting together, overlapping each other. Simultaneously new ways of expressing ourself, evolve.

In this vast always expanding universe, everything still starts with an idea and all ends with a powerful visual expression. Everything inbetween is captured, written, doodled or produced with a digital pen…

So instead of trying to capture and divide everything into obsolete chapters, I’ll focus on my pen…

…therefore my name is


years of experience


digital pens used, so far


coffees a day, max


aliases like

Work in progress

Nihot WSF Windshifter

Nihot WSF

Product USP’s 3D animation

Össur KTS

Össur KTS video

2D+3D Doodle animation

Delta Hoist Chain

DeltaHoist Chain

Product USP’s 3D animation

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